Tenerife Travel Guide

Welcome to our website! We have been living in the south of the island for several years and that is why we have decided to create a website about this beautiful island. Our destination guide will show you where the best beaches on Tenerife are, where you will find beautiful tidepools, and which other amazing places to visit. 

Interesting places worth visiting

Click the button below to read about interesting places in Tenerife. Our Tenerife travel guide will help you decide where to go and what to see on your next holiday. Each destination page contains many current photos that will help you decide where to go and what to see along with the description of individual places on this beautiful island. We wish you a wonderful and relaxing holiday full of great experiences!

If you are planning a winter holiday by the sea, we especially recommend the resorts of Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Costa Adeje. In these places the weather is stable all year round, it hardly rains and there is hardly any wind, so your chances of enjoying a relaxing beach holiday in the middle of winter are very high. In winter, Tenerife is also ideal for hiking. In the mountains, which are located just minutes from the coast, there are many beautiful hiking trails, which offer beautiful views of the surroundings. You may also be interested in seeing the summit of the volcano Teide, which reaches a height of 3715 meters above sea level. If you do not feel like climbing to such a height, it does not matter, the cable car will take you almost to the top.

Trips and cruises

Do you want to book a boat trip, diving or snorkelling trip, go on a hike to Teide or choose from many other activities quickly and comfortably? If so, click on the following link and you will be able to choose from many activities, book them and pay for them. Cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the activity is free. The activities have many reviews, so you can choose according to how others rated them. You can choose from whale and dolphin trips, diving, PADI diving courses, snorkelling with turtles, kayaking near dolphins, star gazing on Teide, speedboat or Jetski rides, trip on Teide, tickets for Aqualand, Jungle Park and cable car to the peak of Mount Teide, surfing lessons, Go-karting, day trip to the island of Gomera, parascending, tandem parachute jump, bike rental and much more.

Last year in March we went on a boat trip from Puerto Colón to Masca and we really enjoyed it. There were plenty of refreshments, and most importantly, we saw large groups of dolphins and whales moving really close to our boat. It was a great experience that we will never forget. Remember to pack warm clothes for the trip, because it can get really cold when the boat picks up speed on the way back in the late afternoon.

Write to us how satisfied you were, so we can pass on your experience to others.

About us and why our guide was created

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope that the information you read here will be useful and interesting. My name is Kamila and I have been living in Tenerife with my partner and our son for almost three years. My son goes to Spanish public school here and we really enjoy our life in Tenerife.

What brought us here? I would say that above all it was my longing for life in the subtropics. I once lived in South Africa, a country that I still often miss. I like warm weather and the sea, and this is exactly what south of Tenerife offers. The temperature in winter does not drop below 10 degrees at night and the sea is ten minutes slow walk from our flat. What do I like about living here besides the weather and the sea? Above all, the slower pace of life here. People are usually not in a hurry and they always find time for short conversation when we meet each other on the street. We also enjoy spending evenings on the main square with a playground where parents chat while children play.

And what am I missing in Tenerife? Not much, the main problem is the lack of job opportunities. I taught English at a language school in the Czech Republic for years and I would like to return to my original profession at least part-time. Unfortunately, there are only very few job offers in my field. There are so many candidates for each job opening, whether it is a skilled profession or a job as a waitress or cleaner. Another thing that I missed when I moved here is the fact that if you are looking for a special product, be it a special paint or food supplement, it might be hard to find it on the island and if you need to order it, you might find out that the online store does not deliver to Tenerife.

Getting around Tenerife in buses

Getting around Tenerife in buses

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Buying property in Tenerife

Buying property in Tenerife

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Historical town of Granadilla de Abona

Historical town of Granadilla de Abona

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Weather on Tenerife

Weather on Tenerife

Spring on Tenerife Spring on Tenerife starts in March and we are all looking forward to it because it brings some rain. It will usually not rain much, and it will certainly not spoil your holiday. There are just a few showers during March and April, but it is enough...