Tenerife Guide thinks el Médano has a great beach

El Médano

Small town with a long beach that is perfect for long morning walks

El Médano is a small town in the south of Tenerife. There are only four hotels, but there are many apartment to rent.

Windsurefers and kiters heaven

The town is especially popular with kiters and windsurfers who have their own beach in El Médano. The wind here will be your faithful companion, especially in the summer, so those who do not like the wind will have to get used to it.

Long beaches with fine sand

El Médano has a beautiful long beach, ideal for long morning walks followed by a quick dip in the sea. The beach is made of natural sand created by erosion of pale coastal pumice rocks. El Médano beach is ideal for families with children, because it has a very gradual slope, small waves, and it is directly next to a square with a large playground. A promenade with garden restaurants stretches along the beach and there are various activities frequently organised on the main square.

Pleasant walks around El Médano

If you reach the end of the boardwalk and continue behind it, you will encounter beautiful sand waves, which encourage children to jump from them. If you decide to venture even further, you will reach La Tejita beach, located behind the iconic Montana Roja mountain. Be careful when swimming in La Tejita, the waves there are unpredictable and swimming there may be dangerous.