To be honest, this weekend at Campamento Punta del Sordo was our first overnight trip in three years, ever since we have moved to Tenerife, and we would not have come to this campsite if covid had not changed our plans. Our plan was to meet up with our friends at a different campsite but due to covid restrictions that camp was closed and we had to change our plans. Our friends told us that campsite Punta del Sordo is the only one they found that was open, so it was decided to spend the weekend there.

As Santa brought us a new tent, sleeping bags, air matrasses and gas stove last Christmas, we were excited to try our new camping gear. We left the house shortly after lunch and arrived at the destination about 30 minutes later, because this campsite is actually very close to where we live. Yes, we did feel silly about camping so close to our home, but our son was very excited to meet his pals for the weekend, so we did not mind.

tents in a campsite
picknic place in a campsite

The Campsite Punto del Sordo

The Campsite is accessed from the main highway TF-1 and there is a sign on the highway indicting the exit to the campsite. The road that leads to the campsite is rather narrow and steep. It is easily accessible by a car but some people with a camper might find it tricky if they are not experienced camper drivers. When you arrive at the campsite you have to ring a bell to get in. There are lot of permanent caravans on the campsite. Some people seem to be actually living there, and I believe others are people who regularly spend weekend there. There are two huge gravel plots to erect tents. There were few other tents, but the two plots were almost empty. All people who we have met seem to be the residents of the island and we have not met any tourists.

The campsite is clean but very basic. There was no soap by the taps and washing facilities, there was no toilet paper. Even the disinfectant dispensers were empty, so it was irritating to take a soap and toilet paper with you all the time! The campsite is obviously saving money on water too because the toilet flashes very shortly and the tap water runs so shortly it is not even long enough to wash your hands normally!

There is a cafeteria and tv at the reception where you pay the bill. The guy is friendly and helpful. If you park your car at the reception after unloading your stuff, you do not have to pay for the car.

The campsite has a small beach where you can also play beach volleyball. There are two lovely rock pools where you can chill out in warm water. The access to the sea is complicated, because the rocks are very slippery so we have given up trying to go for a swim and decided to rather enjoy the small rock pool.

Camping prices per night:

Adult 3 EUR

Child 2-10 years  2 EUR

Car 5 EUR

Motorbike 3 Eur

Caravan 7 Eur

Tent 5 Eur


For reservations and more information call +34 615 443 478

pricelist campamento punta del sordo
car parked in a campsite
campsite parked cars

Trip to La Jaca and La Listada

The next day we decided to walk to the nearby villages La Jaca and La Listada. It was a pleasant walk we have all enjoyed a lot. There is a lovely small beach there and even better rockpool to cool down in. The beach and rockpool was not crowded even though it was Saturday, which is very unusual. There is also access to the water by ladder.


Overall, it was a great weekend our son will remember for a long time. If you drive pass La Jaca, stop by for a short dip in the sea, it is definitely worth it. The campsite is very basic but also cheap.

gate with a sign
walking people
small beach in La Jaca
rocky coast
tide pool in La Jaca