Tenerife Guide believes Anaga is great place to visit


Wonderful laurel forest with breathtaking views

If you plan to go to Tenerife on vacations but want to do something different than going to the beach or hanging around the hotel pool, rent a car and make a day trip to Anaga. This mountain range is just over an hour long drive from the beaches of southern Tenerife and you will be able to experience something completely different.

Anaga National Park is accessible for free and you will not need a permit except for a few small parts of it (for example Bosque Encantado / El Pijaral). You can obtain the permit here free of charge. It is necessary to book the permit about 1-3 months in advance. However, a large part of Anaga is accessible to the public free of charge and at any time, except on very hot summer days when there is a risk of fires and Anaga is close to the public for this reason.

How to get to Anaga

Anaga National Park is a protected natural area in the north-eastern part of Tenerife. This mountainous area full of rocky peaks and deep gorges was declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 2015. It gained its UNESCO status mainly because there is a big laurel forest with many endemic plants species in Anaga. To get to Anaga, drive from Santa Cruz to La Laguna and then follow signs for Anaga. If you did not rent a car, you can also get to Anaga by Titsa buses. You can start your trek in Cruz del Carmen on the TF-12, from where you can walk along the Vueltas de Taganana.

Laurel forest

You will walk through a dense laurel forest until you reach the historic village of Taganana. From there you can walk towards the sea and cool off on the pebble beach. The mountains are full of narrow paths and winding goat trails that will take you to the most beautiful corners of Tenerife and test your physical fitness.

Trip through the clouds

If you manage to find time for a trip to Anaga in your busy program, you will not be sorry. Going from the dry south to the humid subtropical forest is a beautiful experience, and if you go on a cloudy day, it is even stronger experience, because in Anaga you will pass through the clouds. However, do not forget to pack warm and waterproof clothes for the trip because it is often quite cold there!

Scenic drives

Driving on the roads in Anaga is a great experience! The roads are narrow and winding, so you will have to drive very slowly. You can often stop at one of the viewpoints on the side of the road and enjoy the beautiful views. You will be able to make some great photos on clear days.

You will probably really enjoy a scenic drive on the TF-134, which is a road leading to the village of Taganana and the village of Benijo. This road crosses the Anaga Mountains and offers breathtaking views of Taganana and the northern coast of Anaga. Along the way, make a stop at the Mirador del Risco Mogote and Mirador Risco Magoje viewpoints.

Another road with beautiful views is TF-123, which leads to the village of Chamorga. You can reach this road from the TF-12 road. You can stop at  the picturesque villages of Taborno, Afur and Carboneras. Along the way there are several places to stop from where you can enjoy beautiful views, especially the Mirador de Jardina, Mirador Cruz del Carmen, and Mirador Pico del Inglés. You can also stop at the Camino viejo al Pico del Inglés, from where you can go for a walk on a marked path.

Treks through Anaga

Here are some links for those who want to go hiking in Anaga. The trips are described in detail in English or Spanish, but I am sure that you can easily read the text with the help of Google translator if you do not understand Spanish.

A three-hour easy walk through the laurel forest

A three-hour trip to Roque Bermejo

A three-hour trip from Benijo to El Draguillo

4.5 hour trip from the village of Afur

3.5 hour challenging trek from Chamorga