Tenerife Guide  – Bajamar has great tidal pools


Small town on the north with great tidal pools

The coastal town of Bajamar is a small, quiet place in the north of the island, located on the western edge of the Anaga Mountains, making it an ideal starting point for hikes in the green north.

Tidal pools in Bajamar

In the north of the island there are often large waves that make it impossible to swim in the sea, so two large tidal pools, which lie on a small, protected beach were built in Bajamar. Both the pools and the beach are great to swim in and we always like to return to Bajamar for a swim.

Picturesque small town

The most interesting building to see in Bajamar is the chapel of San Juan Bautista, which was built in 1628, and in the streets of the town you will find many picturesque old houses. If you rent a car while visiting the island, this place is definitely worth a visit.

 Things to see around Bajamar

There are many interesting places to visit around the town of Bajamar. You can for example take a walk to the lighthouse or the nearby beach Playa del Arenal