Small seaside town where you can enjoy relaxing evenings on the beachwalk

Garachico – the town that was once destroyed by volcano

The town of Garanchico is located on the wild north coast of Tenerife and has almost five thousand inhabitants. It is definitely one of the most beautiful cities on the island and it gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy both the streets of an old town with long history and great swimming in the tidal pools, which are located right on the waterfront. So, you can park your car, go for a swim and then go exploring the lovely streets of the town.


Old picturesque small town with rich history

The town of Garachico was founded in the fifteenth century, but in 1706 most of the town was destroyed after a volcano erupted and the town was flooded with lava. The volcano spewed lava for several days and two streams of lava flowed directly into the town. One stream flooded the port, which could then no longer be used, and the other destroyed the vast majority of the city. Until this disaster, Garachico was one of the most important towns on the island.

Walking through the quiet cobbled streets of this picturesque town, it is hard to imagine that the city has gone through so many disasters, including a volcanic eruption, plague epidemic, and grasshopper attacks. However, even natural disasters did not prevent the town from maintaining its own unique style and atmosphere. The houses of the old town are painted in bright ochre shades, and the immaculate cobbled streets are connected by squares where full-grown trees offer shade to those who enjoy sitting on the benches bellow them. The streets invite you to take a slow walk and stop at one of the many local restaurants for a drink. The main square, which is called La Libertad, is magnificent and boasts a beautiful church and monastery. Castle Castillo de San Miguel on the seafront survived the eruption of a volcano in 1706 and is the oldest building in the city. In its interior you will find an exhibition about the history of the city and the local wildlife.

Unforgettable swimming in Garachico’s tidal pools

The tidal pools in Garachico are truly unique and if the weather permits, you should not miss the opportunity to swim in them. There are several pools and it depends a lot whether you swim at high tide or at low tide. For example, I enjoyed one of the pools very well, it was deep enough for snorkeling and there were a lot of fish in it to observe, but later the water level dropped and it became uncomfortably shallow. It is also necessary to take into account that due to coronavirus measures, the municipality may decide to limit the number of people they let into the tide pools and sometimes there may be long queues for entry. Therefore, I recommend coming in the morning, when there are no queues yet, because you may first spend an hour in the weary sun in the queue to enter and then more time in the sun swimming and sunbathing, and thus risk a heat stroke. The tidal pools are right at Garachico’s waterfront and swimming in them is also suitable for children.

 Around Garachico

There are many nice places around the town of Garachico. The nature in this part of the island is lush green so it is a lovely change from the colours of desert in the south of Tenerife. We combined the trip to Garachico with a visit of Icod de Los Vinos.

Here are just a few trip options:

A four-hour bike trip from Punta de Teno via Buanavista del Norte to Garachico will be enjoyed especially by experienced cyclists. You will find more information about this trip here.

This trip will be enjoyed by hikers. The path takes you to a place called Arenas Negras, which is unique for its pine forest growing on black sand. The route is 11 km long. You should set aside about three and a half hours for it.

Sightseeing trip around Mount Chinyero will take you about three and a half hours and you will walk through a pine forest growing on black sand. The route is 11 kilometres long.

Sightseeing trip in Teno Alto will take you about five hours and is almost ten kilometres long. Teno is said to be one of the most beautiful areas of the island and you will definitely enjoy the breath-taking views of the surroundings.