Golf del Sur

Small British town in the Canary Islands

Golf del Sur is located on the south coast of Tenerife and its name suggests who goes there for holiday. You guessed it right… golfers! It is a nice area surrounded by lush green golf course, but beware, planes fly right above your head here as the airport where they will be landing is just a few miles away. Landing planes are therefore closely associated with this place and have become part of its magic.

Small British town

Many luxury hotels with large swimming pools stretch along the coast of Golf del Sur and above the hotels there is a residential area for permanent residents or British who come to spend winter in Tenerife every year. In between, there is a small outdoor mall called San Blas. When I first ventured into this neighbourhood and walked around this mall, I really felt like I was in South Africa – English and colonial architecture everywhere around you. There is also a British frozen food store Iceland nearby, so if you have lived in England before, you really won’t miss anything, not even an English radio station.

Long walks along the coast

If you like long walks along the coast, you will enjoy staying in this area. A beautiful walk along the entire coast begins at Amarilla Golf and continues through Golf del Sur to San Blas, a shopping centre consisting of three squares full of shops, restaurants and bars. From Golf del Sur you can continue walking along recently completed wooden path to Los Abrigos.

 Swimming in Golf del Sur

The only thing I miss in Golf del Sur is a nice place to swim. You will find only small beaches with black sand or pebbles, or access to the sea by a ladder, so swimming in the Golf is not very suitable for small children.