Loro park

Great world-class zoo well know for its shows with dolphins, orcas, seal and parrots.

Loro Park is famous for its performances with dolphins, killer whales, parrots and seals

Loro Park is a zoo in the town of Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island, which is well known for performances with parrots, seals, dolphins and killer whales. You will definitely need a whole day to visit, because in addition to animal enclosures, you will see several animal shows for which you will need plenty of time. Loro Park is one of the most popular attractions in Tenerife and is visited by over a million visitors every year.

Performances with dolphins, killer whales, seals and parrots

After entering the park, you will receive a leaflet with show times with animals, and if you do not want to miss out on any performances, it is good to plan your visit a bit. The performances are definitely worth it, they are rather funny and even adults will have a good laugh.

Here are the times of the individual performances:

Seals: 10:00 11:00 13:45 14:30 15:45

Parrots: 10:45 12:30 14:30 15:30 16:45

Dolphins: 11:15 13:00 16:15

Killer whales: 11:45 15:15

Other animals in Loro Park

In addition to performances with seals, parrots, dolphins and killer whales, there are also animal enclosures in Loro Park. Especially interesting is the ice kingdom with penguins, which is considered an excellent imitation of their natural habitat. Through the glass you can observe flocks of penguins of various species in their icy world. If you want to see the baby penguin feeding, come to the baby station at a specified time. If you like large aquariums, you will not be disappointed either. There is a huge aquarium in Loro Park with an underwater tunnel through which you will walk and observe the marine life around you. Various fish, including stingrays and sharks, will swim over your head. Loro Park is set in a beautiful subtropical garden full of greenery. In the enclosures you will see pandas, chimpanzees, gorillas, tigers, lions, hippos, meerkats, and capybaras and other animals. You will also see many species of parrots in aviaries. There is also the Katanda Treetops attraction, where you walk along wooden walkways and over suspension bridges surrounded by hundreds of birds of various species.

Entertainment for children

For children, there is Kinderlandia, where kids can enjoy slides and climbing frames. Next to Kinderlandia there is a smaller roller-coaster called Orca tren, which you can ride for an extra 1 euro.

Train to Loro Park from the city centre of Puerto de la Cruz

There is a free tourist train running between Plaza Reyes Catolicos in centre of Puerto de la Cruz and Loro Park.

Departure times from Plaza de los Reyes Católicos:

09:30 h 10:30 h 11:30 h 12:30 h
13:30 h 14:30 h 15:30 h 16:30 h


Departure times from Loro Park:

10:15 h 11:15 h 12:15 h 13:15 h
14:15 h 15:15 h 16:15 h 17:15 h
17:30 h      

 Find out more about Loro Park here.

 Food and drink

I recommend that you take a sufficient supply of water to Loro Park, because they did not have large bottles for sale there and the small ones will become rather costly, because during hot days you will need several bottles to satisfy your thirst. You can bring your own food to Loro Park, or you can buy food at one of the fast-food restaurants in the park. If you want to visit Siam Park as well, it is worth buying combo tickets.

Covid measures in Loro Park

It is obligatory to wear a face mask in Loro Park, ordinary cloth mask will be sufficient. If you take it off, you will probably be reprimanded. Furthermore, only limited number of visitors can enter Loro Park, so it is advisable to buy a ticket in advance. If you have a ticket for unspecified date, or you have an annual subscription, you need to make a reservation through the Loro Park website. The same goes for Siam Park.

akvapark Siam Park

Combo tickets to two parks - Siam Park and Loro Park

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Siam Park na Tenerife

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Loro Park with transport from the south of the island

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