Picturesque village set in beautiful surroundings

Masca is said to be the most beautiful village in Tenerife, as it is located in a picturesque place, surrounded by mountains. It is in the Teno Mountains in the western part of the island and a proper road to it was built only recently. The small road full of sharp steep curves leading to Masca is not suitable for fearful or inexperienced drivers. There are several restaurants and shops in the village and as in every village, you will find a church here, but it is so small that only eight people can fit in it!

Hike from Masca to the coast

From Masca you can take the path down to Playa de Masca. It is a wonderful route set in beautiful surroundings. The way down and back up to Masca will take you about six hours, but it is only suitable for people who exercise regularly. If you have arrived in Masca by bus, you can just walk down the path and then take a boat to Los Gigantes.

If you are not an experienced driver, you should take a bus, because the road is narrow and steep. The bends are so sharp that only small buses can run to Masca, and there is a talk about many tourists who had to ask the locals to drive their car down because they were too afraid to drive down alone. However, do not be discouraged by this information, because it is definitely a place worth visiting! Beautiful is not only the village, but also its mountainous surroundings.