Puerto de la Cruz

Beautiful town on the north of the island, perfect for long evening walks in its lovely streets shaded by trees.

Puerto de la Cruz offers pleasant walks around picturesque town centre and swimming on the black sand beaches

Puerto de la Cruz is a beautiful city located on the north coast of Tenerife, which boasts lots of greenery, black sand beaches, mountainous surroundings, and a picturesque harbour. In the historic part of town, the streets are narrow, cobbled and dotted with many bars and garden restaurants, where you can stop and sit in the shade of many large bushy trees.

The city of Puerto de la Cruz originated from a small fishing village, which gradually grew into a port near the city of La Orotava. During the 17th century, Puerto de la Cruz became the most important port in the north of the island and was widely used to transport wine and sugar cane from the valleys around the town of La Orotava. Puerto de la Cruz gained city status in 1808.

Puerto de la Cruz is a very popular tourist resort, but it is completely different from the traditional tourist resorts in the south of the island, such as Costa Adeje, which offers luxury hotels and manicured beaches. Puerto de la Cruz is a typical Spanish town, where in addition to tourists you will see many locals and where you will find picturesque streets, elegant squares, colonial architecture and many good restaurants.

The city centre is located around Plaza del Charco de los Camarones, where you will find streets with many colourful houses, which are lit by lanterns at night. The city centre is located next to a small harbour, which also has a small beach with black sand, where you can refresh yourself during hot summer days. However, the main beach, which is much larger and has bigger waves, is located a little further from the historic city centre.

What to see in Puerto de la Cruz

There are many historic buildings in the city and those who like monuments should not miss a visit to one of the most beautiful churches in Tenerife, the church of Nuestra Senora de la Pena de Francia in Plaza de la Iglesia, which was built in the 17th century. However, there are countless beautiful old buildings with carved wooden balconies in the city, so architecture lovers in Puerto de la Cruz will not be disappointed.

Lago Martínez

Another place worth visiting is Lago Martinéz swimming pool, which is located on the seaside promenade in the city centre. It consists of several beautiful and pleasant swimming pools of different sizes with sea water, which are surrounded by a garden with subtropical vegetation. The large pool is really big and quite deep (I touched the bottoms with my toes). Only a few people were swimming in it even though the surrounding sunbeds were full. You can find more information about Lago Martinéz here. Admission to the swimming pool is adults 5.50 euros, children under 10 years 2.50 euros. There are discounts for pensioners, residents and for those who buy more tickets.

Gardens and Parks

In Puerto de la Cruz you will find several beautiful gardens and parks, such as the Botanical Garden with its lily ponds and the 200-year-old fig tree, the Risco Belle water garden and the Jardín de Orquideas de Sitio Liter garden.


There are several beaches with black volcanic sand in Puerto de la Cruz. Especially popular is Playa Jardín, which is located bellow a large park. The beach is beautiful and unique, but it has quite strong waves, so it is not suitable for children and there is often a red flag. Also popular is Playa Martinéz, which is located on the promenade in the city centre near Lago Martinéz.

I really like Puerto de la Cruz. It is full of large trees and huge mountains rise behind it. The mature trees in the city centre provide enough shade in the afternoon, when it is necessary to avoid the strong sun in summer. The main beach has black volcanic sand and in front of the beach there is a large park. There are plenty of places for long walks and the city has a relaxed atmosphere.

Loro Park

Loro Park is a beautiful zoo located on the outskirts of the city. If you are in the city centre of Puerto de la Cruz, a free tourist train will take you to Loro Park. You will definitely need a whole day to visit, because in addition to animal enclosures, you will see shows with dolphins, killer whales, seals and parrots. You can find more information about Loro Park here.

 Around Puerto de la Cruz

 The surroundings of Puerto de la Cruz are really beautiful and the area around Puerto is great for hiking. That is why we have selected several routes for you that you will definitely enjoy.


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A four-hour trip from Puerto de la Cruz to Café Vista Paraíso

A three-hour trip from El Socorro to Puerto de la Cruz