Granadilla de Abona is a municipality located on the southeast of Tenerife, in the altitude of 650 metres above sea level. The municipality has over 50 000 inhabitants and its seat is located in a small town of the same name, Granadilla de Abona. Town Granadilla de Abona has about 5000 inhabitants, so it is actually relatively small town for a seat of such a large municipality. The reason for this is that while Granadilla de Abona is a town with a rich history going back to the 15th century, during the last few decades the nearby towns in the municipality San Isidro, El Médano and Los Abrigos have grown significantly and outgrown Granadilla.

Granadilla is a picturesque town with rich history that goes back to the era of Guanche, to the 15th century. You can reach Granadilla by turning off the TF-1 freeway at the exit for San Isidro, passing through this more modern town and continuing up the hill until you reach the town of Granadilla. San Isidro is a town which is very different to Granadilla – while San Isidro is a modern suburb set in a semi-desert, which will remind you more of a town somewhere in the North of Africa than in Spain, Granadilla is the opposite – a typical Spanish town built in a traditional Canary style. If you come to Granadilla in the morning, you will see a busy town that is full of life, with people having coffee in small sidewalk cafés and old men gathering on benches watching busy street life. If you come to Granadilla on Sunday afternoon, you will find lifeless, deserted streets because on Sunday most of people get in their cars and leave town to spend the day on one of many nearby beaches. If you come to Granadilla from one of the coastal towns, you will most likely notice it is slightly colder there or it may even be covered in clouds while it is sunny in the towns at the coast, because Granadilla is located at much higher altitude. However, if you visit on a day of Calima, which is a weather phenomenon that brings mist of warm air mixed with sand, it may be really hot in Granadilla but much more pleasant in the coastal towns.

traditiona canary house in Granadilla de Abona
house in Granadilla de Abona street

Why visit the town of Granadilla de Abona?

The main reason for visiting Granadilla is the fact that it is a typical Canarian town, so you can see how the local people live, something you will not be able to experience in one of the coastal resorts. You will also be able to see typical Canarian architecture and some interesting places. Here are three of them:

The Franciscan Monastery San Luis Obispo

Convento Fransicsano de San Luis Obispo is a Franciscan monastery that was built in 1665. In 1745 it was converted into a townhall. In 1963 the townhall collapsed when large number of people was hiding inside from the rain. 23 people died and many more were injured. A year later a fire damaged the townhall even more and it had to be reconstructed. If you visit Granadilla during working day, when it is open, try to go inside to look around – it is just as beautiful inside as it is outside!

Iglesia San Antonio de Padua

This beautiful church was first time mentioned in writing in 1617. Unfortunately, hundred years later the church was destroyed by fire and had to be rebuilt. The influence of baroque style on Canarian architecture is especially well noticeable on the ceilings. The church has a beautiful altarpiece and statues.

Park in front of the monasty San Louis Obispo, which now serves as a townhall.

inside San Luis Obispo monastry

During office hours the townhall is open and anybody can enter and see this beautiful patio with wooden balconies.

Iglesia San Antonio de Padua

Iglesia San Antonio de Padua


There is a large garden at the back of the townhall.

History museum of Granadilla de Abona

History museum of Granadilla de Abona is placed in an old historical building built at the end of 19th century. There are eleven rooms with expositions about different times in the history, and the expositions cover especially the customs, work and history of the local people from the Guanche era until present. The museum is open from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 2PM. The address is Calle Arquitecto Marrero 3, Granadilla de Abona.

Trips around Granadilla de Abona

The town of Granadilla de Abona is a great place to start a trip to its surroundings. Here are links to three walking trips which will give you the opportunity to see the surrounding nature of this wonderful town:

Four-hour round trip from Granadilla to Las Palomas

Four-hour walk from Granadilla to San Miguel

Two-hour round trip to Ermita Santa Ursula

We hope you will enjoy your trip to Granadilla de Abona!


house with wooden balcony
Granadilla de Abona Street
red building
house with balconies
nice historical building in Granadilla