Spring on Tenerife

Spring on Tenerife starts in March and we are all looking forward to it because it brings some rain. It will usually not rain much, and it will certainly not spoil your holiday. There are just a few showers during March and April, but it is enough to make the surrounding desert a bit greener. Seeing rain is a welcome change for those who live here, because it cleans the air from all the dust and sand, we all say. The air temperature in the Spring is pleasant, 16 – 19 degrees Celsius at night and 23 – 26 degrees during the day. Slowly the ocean is also getting warmer, the water temperature during spring is around 20 degrees, so swimming in the sea becomes more pleasant. However, the sun gets stronger during the spring and if you do not want to get burned or get a heat stroke, you should avoid the sun between 12 AM and 3 PM. Sun is very strong on Tenerife, so be very careful during Spring and Summer.

 Summer on Tenerife

Summer on Tenerife is usually very pleasant and without any extreme heat waves. It is unusual for the temperatures to stay above 30 degrees Celsius for more than a few days in a row. The intensity of the sun rays, which are the strongest during June and July, is much bigger problem than the heat. To avoid being burned and having a heatstroke, you should avoid the sun between 12 AM and 4 PM. It does not rain in summer and the skies are usually clear without any clouds. It is usually very windy on the east coast, so if you do not like the wind, avoid places on the east coast like Abades, El Médano, Los Abrigos and Golf del Sur.

 Autumn on Tenerife

Many locals think that Automn is the best part of the year. Why? Because the sunrays become weaker, so you do not have to avoid being in the Sun, while the temperatures stay pleasantly warm. It is usually not windy, and the sea is still warm and calm. It is the perfect time to enjoy the sea, and also for going on trips around the island. It is still relatively hot in September while October brings colder temperatures and rain. Again, it is not the kind of rain that will spoil your holiday, just a few short showers and the rain is over. The water temperature is pleasant until the end of December, when it usually drops bellow 20 degrees.

 Winter on Tenerife

 Winters on Tenerife starts around Christmas or in January and it is very mild, especially in the south or western side of the island. The temperatures range between 20 and 24 degrees and it is possible to swim in the sea, but the water is cold, usually between 17 and 19 degrees. Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Costa Adeje are perfect for spending winter days on the beach because it is hardly ever windy there. Most days you can get into the water for a quick swim, but the water is too cold for spending lot of time in it without wetsuit.


Calima is a weather phenomenon that occurs on Tenerife several times a year. It is actually air that brings sand to Tenerife from Sahara. Mild Calima looks like a mist. Heavy Calima is an ugly yellow fog that greatly reduces visibility and causes respiratory problems. In 2020 we had the strongest Calima in years. It caused the closure of both airports on Tenerifes for several days. The streets were completely covered by yellow powder. The air during Calima is very unhealthy and it can even cause an asthma attack. It is better to stay indoors during strong Calima. Calima is the worst weather on the Canary Islands, but it is not only bad, because it brings fertile soil particles.


I wish you a great and sunny weather on your holiday!